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TaxEnvy is the smart way to appeal your assessment and lower your property taxes. We use sophisticated analytics to make the strongest case possible. Numbers don't lie. We believe the strongest argument you can make is using the cold hard facts. Don't pay thousands to the law firms out there asking for 40-50% of your savings. Our one-time filing fee is guaranteed: if we don't win this year, we'll file again for you next year for FREE.

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The math behind Nassau County’s DIY assessment challenge system, and how it sets homeowners up for failure

As a Nassau County homeowner, it’s hard to go a day without thinking or hearing about property taxes. One thing we¬†can all agree that our taxes are too high. Most have heard the concept of “grieving” your taxes with the goal to get them lowered. We’re going to discuss what that actually means, how to […]

Nassau Deadline Coming Up!

There are less than 30 days left to file your appeal in nassau county (March 1st!), and we will be closing up applications one week prior to that to ensure we can get to them all.

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